Since 1999 we have been serving the country's main offices. In this endeavor, every year our experience in the paralegal segment has solidified, and today we are able to serve small and foreign companies, business conglomerates who find it difficult to manage their bureaucratic needs in Public Organs.

Entering a phase of frank expansion, we moved to Avenida Rebouças, with more infrastructure and great location. Our intention is to better serve our clients and partners and, for this, we hire new qualified collaborators in the paralegal area and we establish partnerships as new correspondents throughout the national territory.

Our growth is proof of competence, seriousness and dedication to the jobs entrusted to us.

We thank everyone for their trust, and we make ourselves available for new work, always with the same hard work, speed and efficiency.

Annie Nogueira
Managing partner

Why Hera?
One of the deities of Olympus, Hera was Zeus' wife, known in Greek mythology as the protector of loyalty, homes and currency. She represents greatness and sovereignty. The most beautiful of the immortals, her beauty is renewed each spring.

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